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Leveraging The Power Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

The HiProfile application, PRYSM,
offers a dynamic compliance management solution with workflow and
other features, to manage your workforce

System Tools and Guidance

Delivering unique, and industry related tools, the platform users have access to mapped out requirements and deliverables, such as auditing or checklists.

Performance Management Dashboards

Integrated business management tools extends a customisable performance dashboard, with the option of adding business linked KPI’s and KRA’s. Real-time data and analytics afford invaluable insight into the business operation and goals.

A reporting engine produces a customised report. These reports and dashboards are thus easily interpretable and accessible.

Mobile Applications

Leveraging the ever-developing platform of mobile reliance, the application provides business management at every individual’s fingertips. Digitally mapping business processes within a flexible and powerful framework, aligned with best practices and international standards, the application offers seamless, step by step guidelines. Achieving governance, compliance, and corporate policy outcomes, being the fundamental goal of its integration into any company.

Assimilating a customisable feature, enables accurate and agile fulfilment of business and operational requirements. By uniting the application and experts in the fields’ combined knowledge, experience and know-how, HiProfile guarantees dramatic results.

The mobile application features checklists and audits, calendar with task management systems, alerts, notifications, and workflow depictions. Further to this application a feature that ensures ultimate productivity is one of security and proof of presence, leaving nothing to chance.

These structures, products, checklists, audits and reports are naturally also available on a desktop function, ensuring that your business and the management thereof can be done remotely, from your desk, or on site.



Digital Business Management Solutions

Head Office Dashboard

Map based display of branch KPI data using filters

Head Office Dashboard

Map based display KPI’s. This can be displayed purely as charts graphs and tables as well.

Reports on demand

Reports can be generated with a few clicks or scheduled to be auto-generated and delivered based on user preferences.

Mobile application

Secure and permission based user access

Compliance audits, tasks/checklists

Real time alerts, incident reporting
and workflow

Assign and manage user tasks and responsibilities.
Checklists have multiple applications.
Measure maintenance activities.
Multi site/location compliance.

Schedule important tasks,
inspections and audits

Adhoc checklists including remarks, photo and document upload.
Manage you location, auditor and task

  • PRYSM Web based and Content Management System
  • Create, assign and schedule tasks/audits and job cards
  • Question mapping for compliance reporting
  • Create and geo fence locations
  • Group tasks


  • Integrated dashboards
  • Data displayed in real time
  • Multi parameter
  • Displays KPI visualisations
  • Compliance reporting
  • Drill down capability

CMS- Content management solution

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