Mobile Application

Leveraging The Power Of The 4th Industrial Revolution

Mobile Application

Leveraging the ever-developing platform of mobile reliance, the application provides business management at every individual’s fingertips. Digitally mapping business processes within a flexible and powerful framework, aligned with best practices and international standards, the application offers seamless, step by step guidelines. Achieving governance, compliance, and corporate policy outcomes, being the fundamental goal of its integration into any company.

Assimilating a customisable feature, enables accurate and agile fulfilment of business and operational requirements. By uniting the application and experts in the fields’ combined knowledge, experience and know-how, HiProfile guarantees dramatic results.

The mobile application features checklists and audits, calendar with task management systems, alerts, notifications, and workflow depictions. Further to this application a feature that ensures ultimate productivity is one of security and proof of presence, leaving nothing to chance.

These structures, products, checklists, audits and reports are naturally also available on a desktop function, ensuring that your business and the management thereof can be done remotely, from your desk, or on site.


PRYSM Application on device.
Secure and permission based user access

Compliance audits, tasks/checklists

Real time alerts, incident reporting and workflow.

PRYSM Application on device.
Secure and permission based user access

Schedule important tasks, inspections and audits.

Adhoc checklists including remarks, photo and document upload. Manage you location, auditor and task

Secure & permission-based user access

Secure access to the application.
Features can also be exposed or hidden based on necessity & user roles and permissions thus customising the individual user experiernce based on their role in the organisation.

Real-time alerts across all application features

Receive real-time alerts & notifications across multiple contexts, ranging from incidents, reminders, tasks, and important new information.

Users can select the language of their choice

The application can be translated into the user’s language of choice. International and local languages are supported. Additional languages can be added on client request.

Personnel Performance

Employees will get notified of tasks to be completed ,checklists to be done or other notifications.

Access to cloud based document repository including useful templates.
Access to individual documents related to the logged in user.
Edit Sign Off and re-upload documents. Document sharing also supported.
Checklist items can be displayed in various formats, according to the task type and interface preferred.

Users can tick off and complete tasks and /or specify parameters of the task such as providing a value or populating a table.

Task completion and corresponding outcome based scores are progressively displayed.

Photos and/or documents can be linked to the completion of a specific task line item..

Individual task checklist items are depicted with their status, and date.

Quantitative outcomes for each checklist performed depicted in a percentage format.

Checklist data can be displayed according to predefined or custom date ranges.

Checklist data can also be filtered and displayed based on completion status and/or priority..

Data is displayed in real-time but can be filtered to custom time windows. Data can also be displayed according to other parameters.

Dashboards can display a variety of KPI visualisations, including basic graphs, charts and tables.

Task fulfillment is represented by various performance management metrics.
Task / checklists remaining can be categorised by both status and priority.

Drill down of all dashboard data is supported. Checklist name, status, type, due date are all available for scrutiny.

Tasks can be selected from a predefined list or the user can create a new one.
Task type can be specified, such as audits, inspection or a work order. Priority can also be specified.
A due date can be specified as well as the means to schedule the task to repeat according to customised intervals or based on triggers.
Task details can be created as lists, or tables. The means to request photographs and/or documents can be specified..
Tasks can be assigned to one or more predefined personnel and /or app users.

The user can specify that an app and/or email notification be sent to the designated personnel..

Tasks or checklists can be incorporated into a more complex schedule, such a planned maintenance schedule
Safety procedures and operating procedures can be displayed for each task step.
Tasks can be managed using geofences and map based location assistance and tracking.
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